When we think of Thai food, we imagine creamy curries made with coconut milk and spicy dishes with bright flavors, but most people are not aware that Thai food varies from region to region. You won’t find the same Thai food in Southern Thailand by the beach as you will in the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand. 

Today, we are going to discuss the four different regions of Thailand and how the delicious food from each differs. Continue reading to learn more and when you are ready to try the best Thai food in Hopatcong, order from the Twist on Thai Café

Southern Thailand

In Southern Thailand, you will find an abundance of seafood, coconut, and pineapple, which are all reflected in the cuisine. The dishes in Southern Thailand feature more intense flavors. It is here that you will find spicy and salty dishes. You will also find some of the most flavorful curries in Thailand made with creamy coconut milk. Since Southern Thailand runs along the beaches off of the Gulf of Thailand, many of the dishes there include fresh local seafood. The most popular rice in Southern Thailand is jasmine rice.

Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is a mountainous region with cooler weather. The food of Northern Thailand varies greatly from the food in any other region. The foods that are indigenous to the region include fresh fish, herbs, and vegetables. You’ll find that many of the dishes in the northern region of Thailand consist of broth, steamed foods, garlic, lots of herbs, and spices. The foods of this region may also include bitter or sour flavor profiles. The most popular rice in Northern Thailand is sticky rice. 

Northeastern Thailand

Northeastern Thailand, also known as Isaan, is a much more remote area. You will not find many tourists here. While you will find curries in this region, they are made with a broth base, rather than coconut milk and many of their dishes feature unique proteins including frogs and insects. Bplah rah is a thick fermented fish sauce that you will find in many Northeastern Thailand dishes. You will also find seafood such as river prawns, snakehead fish, and catfish. The most popular rice in this region is sticky rice.  

Central Thailand

Central Thailand is where you will find the Thai foods that you are most familiar with from dining at American-Thai restaurants. The dishes in Central Thailand feature flavors from every region of Thailand and while they have bright, flavorful profiles, they may not be quite as salty or spicy as the foods you’ll find in other regions. You’ll find popular dishes like Pad Thai here, which is also the national dish of Thailand. Many of the dishes also have a heavy Chinese influence. The most popular rice in Central Thailand is jasmine rice. 

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