If you’re a dedicated vegetarian, you regularly tell the waiter and make adjustments to dishes when necessary. Often, however, a small ingredient like fish sauce may not be on the waiter’s radar. By educating yourself on tips and tricks for eating vegetarian at a thai restaurant, you’ll ensure your stomach and morals are at peace after eating. We strive to be a vegetarian place for you to eat in Hopatcong, so visit us today!

Thai cuisine is full of unique, tasty flavors and is often vegetarian even without adjustments. However, when a dish isn’t vegetarian, substituting a food typically won’t drastically change the flavor or deliciousness of the dish.

Look Out For These Ingredients

Chances are that if you’re looking for a vegetarian-friendly restaurant, you’ve been vegetarian for a while and know what your restrictions are. However, when you’re trying a new cuisine or restaurant, it can be hard to know what ingredients are in specific dishes.

Meat or Seafood

It’s pretty easy to identify meat and seafood on a menu. Even better, you can replace or remove the meat with some crispy tofu or your favorite vegetables. At Twist on Thai cafe, chicken, beef, shrimp, and sweet thai sausage are our main meats in dishes, and all can be replaced with vegetables and tofu.

Fish, Shrimp, or Oyster Sauce

Even though meat is so easy to recognize and replace, your waiter at an Asian restaurant may not always think about the sauces involved in the cooking process. Fish sauce is a staple in Thai dishes, and it’s frequently not listed in the ingredients on a menu. When you order, simply clarify with your waiter that you don’t want any meat products, including fish sauce, in your dish. The chef will generally substitute soy sauce for it and you won’t miss out on much flavor.

Try These Dishes

Most all of the dishes you want can be modified at our vegetarian-friendly restaurant. If you’re looking for inspiration, though, or you’re new to Thai food and are unsure what to order, try one of the dishes listed below.

Som Tam

Som tam is frequently a favorite dish, and most people think it’s naturally vegetarian. However, you’ll want to make sure the chef doesn’t add dried shrimp or fish sauce.

Tom Yum or Tom Kha

These two soups are similar, though tom yum is a bit spicier since tom kha has coconut milk in it. The soups have onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms, but make sure to specify that you don’t eat meat or seafood because they sometimes come with shrimp.

Mussamun Curry

Who doesn’t love a good curry for their entree? We offer mussamun, pineapple, red, and green curries, and all will delight your taste buds while meeting your dietary restrictions. As always, just make sure to check with the waiter when you order. Mussamun curry is a frequent favorite.

When you’re looking for a place to eat in Hopatcong, we hope you’ll choose Twist on Thai cafe. We have lots of vegetarian options and will help you find the dish that’s just right for you. Check out our menu or drop in to get your Thai food fix!