Our New Thai Food Dishes

Summer Specialities

Summer is a time for trying out new things. For many of us, this means taking a trip to a place we’ve never been, venturing to a new neighborhood or part of town, taking on a new hobby, or trying new foods that have never before come across our tables. If you’re part of the latter group, then you should absolutely check out our new summer specials. From fresh organic lemonade to tender beef kabobs and fried ice cream, Twist on Thai has something special for summer that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Curious about our new, signature Thai dishes? Keep reading to learn more about these awesome offerings.


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Organic Lemonade

When it’s hot out, there are fewer things that are more refreshing than a tall, cold glass of lemonade. But with so many brands out there, it’s hard to find lemonade that isn’t mainly sugar water with some lemon flavoring. You certainly won’t find that here at Twist on Thai. Our new, organic lemonade is exactly the kind of lemonade that you want when the long summer days seem to stretch on endlessly. Using only real lemons and sugar, our signature organic lemonade is a far cry from the mass-produced versions of this beloved summertime drink. Perfect with any of our light and fresh entrees, this is the best lemonade you’ll find in Hopatcong this summer.


Chicken Thin Crisp

When you come into Twist on Thai with a group, the conversation about splitting appetizers is likely to come up. While we know you’ll have a bit of trouble deciding between our steamed dumplings filled with ground pork and veggies and our por pia pak (spring rolls) that are fried to perfection, we have to mention our new, awesome chicken thin crisp. Our delicately fried wheat wrappers are chock full of perfectly seasoned chicken, and stuffed with thinly sliced carrot, scallion, and cilantro, and come with a side of our signature sweet chili sauce. These delicious chicken crisps are excellent for sharing — even if you need to place two orders!


Beef Kabobs

What could be more summery than a cold glass of lemonade and meat roasting on the grill? But forget hamburgers and hotdogs; our beef kabobs are an excellent twist on Thai and America’s favorite grilling meat. Perfectly marinated beef meets generous amounts of pineapple and onions on skewers in this must-try dish. With a side of curry rice and fresh mango relish, our beef kabobs are sure to be a pleasure for your palate. These beef kabobs are an excellent entree to split or to keep all to yourself. With generous portions, your eyes may prove bigger than your stomach! And, like all Twist on Thai dishes, we can always box up any leftovers for you. Either way, you certainly won’t leave hungry when you come into Twist on Thai.


Pineapple Rice Scallops

While summer by the prime time for grilling meat, a hearty veggie-centric dish is always welcomed, especially when it’s been a stiflingly hot day. On days when the sun seems relentless, few foods are more refreshing than pineapple and soft Jasmine rice. When these foods are paired with scallops, scrambled egg, scallions, tomato, and cashew nuts, you’ve got a potent pairing for a flavor explosion. We take extra care in making sure that these ingredients are cooked to perfection and that no one ingredient overpowers the other. If you’re looking for a fresh take on summertime favorites, then check out our pineapple rice scallops on your next visit to Twist on Thai.


Homemade Green Tea and Pandan Ice Cream

As if our list of twists on summertime favorites couldn’t get any better, here comes dessert! While vanilla and chocolate ice cream are go-tos for sugary summer sweets, we’ve taken the summertime favorite and recreated our homemade green tea and pandan ice cream. With green tea’s naturally refreshing taste paired with the rich, cooling taste and texture of cream, our green tea ice cream is sure to be a summertime treat you’ll want time and time again.


Fried Coconut Dream

If you thought ice cream couldn’t get any better, then prepare to be pleasantly wrong and surprised. Our coconut dream ice cream (which is delicious in its own right) is delicately deep fried to give it an even richer, complex flavor. Once fried to perfection, the Coconut Dream is then drizzled with caramel sauce and then dusted with toasted coconut, making it a rich, sweet, and savory dessert item that guarantees a satisfying culmination to your dining experience at Twist on Thai. If you’ve been kicking around the idea of stopping in for either lunch or dinner, do yourself a favor and visit us while our summer specials are still available because, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Curious about any of the items we’ve mentioned? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We look forward to seeing you!