1. Thai New Year’s Traditions

    The New Year is just about to start. Whether you’re someone that likes to ring the new year in with friends downtown or you’d rather enjoy a quiet night in with your significant other, you can’t go wrong enjoying a delicious Thai meal beforehand. Twist on Thai Cafe in Hopatcong is a fantastic place to enjoy dinner before heading out to enjoy your New Year’s plans and we sure do hope to see…Read More

  2. Must Have Ingredients in Thai Pastes

    Thai food is something that everyone can enjoy! With the variety of flavorful seasonings and herbs, it’s difficult not to find a Thai dish that you love when visiting our Thai restaurant. Here at Twist on Thai Cafe in Hopatcong, we love including the common ingredients that make these dishes so popular.  Just about every Thai dish is going to require a tasty paste. The pastes are often a huge f…Read More

  3. thai food for thanksgiving twist on thai cafe hopatcong

    Thai Food for Thanksgiving Dinner

    After the holidays, it seems like a long time before they will come again. We go through the new year and into the spring and summer months. Then fall comes around, and suddenly, the holidays are upon us once again! They creep up upon us like a spider in the night, and then the franticness and the panic hits us. The first major holiday is Thanksgiving, which is traditionally a time where family an…Read More

  4. twist on thai cafe in hopatcong

    Key Differences Between American Thai Food and Traditional Thai Food, Part 2

    Twist on Thai Cafe is a Thai restaurant in Hopatcong that offers the best in Traditional Thai cuisine, including soups, salads, curries and noodles. Our Thai food is extremely healthy, made with little oils, to not only satisfy your palate, but also to satisfy your waistline. In our last blog post, we discussed some key differences between American Thai and Traditional Thai food. We learned that t…Read More

  5. american thai food

    Key Differences Between American Thai Food and Traditional Thai Food

    In our on-going blog series, we’re taking a hard look at Thai food and how it’s different from other foods around the world. In our last blog post, we took a look at Chinese food, and we discovered that Thai food is spicer, healthier, and uses fresher ingredients. In this blog post, we’ll examine the difference between how Americans make Thai food and how the Thais make Thai food. Twist on C…Read More

  6. asian restaurant hopatcong

    Key Differences Between Thai Food and Chinese Food

    It’s Friday night, and you are itching for some good, wholesome Asian food at a great local Asian restaurant in Hopatcong. You’re not for sure what you want, but you definitely want something with some kick to it after a long day at work. But should you go with Thai food or Chinese food? Twist on Thai Cafe is the best Asian restaurant in Hopatcong. Serving authentic Thai food with the freshest…Read More

  7. 7 Reasons To Go Out For Thai Food

    Chances are high you’re aren’t actually looking for a reason to go out for Thai food — it’s really more about having an excuse to eat Thai food again! Here at Twist on Thai café, though, we’re more than willing to provide plenty of reasons you should choose Thai food when you’re looking for places to eat in Hopatcong. In today’s blog, we’ll talk all about different reasons that co…Read More

  8. Why To Spend Your Valentine’s Day With Twist On Thai Café

    Love is in the air — along with the sweet, spicy aroma of Thai food. This year for Valentine’s Day, do something a little different. Whether Thai food is your partner’s favorite or you’ve never even tried Thai food before, Twist on Thai café is for you. When you’re looking for places to eat on Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of reasons to choose our Thai restaurant — we’ll go ah…Read More

  9. Health Benefits Of Ginger — And How To Order It At Your Local Thai Joint

    When it comes to superfoods, you’re most likely to think of kale, chia seeds, or acai berries. There’s a lesser-known superfood that may not come to mind immediately: ginger. With all of its benefits, ginger is a superfood fully worthy of the title. A common ingredient in Thai cuisine, ginger can offer its many benefits to your health — while also making your meal taste delicious. At Twist o…Read More

  10. 6 Unique Thai Dishes You Don’t Want To Miss

    If you’re one of those people that knows you can always count on massaman curry for great taste and extraordinary flavor and vegetables, then it may be time to branch out a bit. There’s no denying it’s an excellent curry — it’s one of our most popular curries — but there’s a whole world of flavor out there for you to try when it comes to Thai cuisine. At Twist on Thai café, we do ju…Read More