twist on thai cafe in hopatcong

Twist on Thai Cafe is a Thai restaurant in Hopatcong that offers the best in Traditional Thai cuisine, including soups, salads, curries and noodles. Our Thai food is extremely healthy, made with little oils, to not only satisfy your palate, but also to satisfy your waistline.

In our last blog post, we discussed some key differences between American Thai and Traditional Thai food. We learned that there are differences in portion size, price, meat, and herbs. In this blog post, we’ll learn the rest of the differences between American Thai food and Traditional Thai food. If you’re in the mood for an Asian restaurant, visit us today, or order take-out!


Dried Shrimp

In Traditional Thai food, salty dried shrimp (or goony haeng) is a staple in a lot of Thai dishes. Dried shrimp add a much needed crunch to noodles or rice, plus extra flavor. In the United States, Thai cuisine is genuinely lacking dried shrimp altogether. This could be because Americans look down upon dried foods, much like powdered milk, or because Americans aren’t used to it and would rather have fresh or frozen shrimp instead. Furthermore, dried shrimp has a really strong fish taste, which most Americans don’t much care for. Thus, when you order classic Thai dishes, such as Pad Thai or Som Tam, which normally have dried shrimp in it, it just won’t taste the same in the United States as it does in Thailand.

Sour Taste

Almost every Thai dish you order in Thailand will have some sort of sour taste. Sometimes it’s really sour, and sometimes there is just a hint. Americans, in general, don’t like the sour taste as much, so you will struggle to order a Thai cuisine dish in the United States with a delicious sour taste.

Added Sugar

Sugar is beloved in Thai culture. They add sugar to all of their dishes, which gives Thai cuisine in Thailand a nice flavor of sweet meats. In the United States, however, Americans like their sugar, but usually in the form of dessert, such as chocolate candy, ice cream, or cake. Hence, the Thai main course dishes in the United States will have much less added sugar content than in Thailand.


Twist on Thai Cafe is a family-owned and operated Thai restaurant in Hopatcong that offers the best authentic Thai cuisine. We import our sauces and spices from Thailand and always use fresh, choice ingredients to achieve the superb taste our Thai food is known for. From our traditional Thai courses, such as Royal Pad Thai with shrimp or beef or our Pad See Ew with cabbage and your choice of meat, to our Tom Kha soup made with coconut milk, we have the comfort food you’ve been craving. In addition, we are a bring your own beer (BYOB) establishment, which means you’ll always have the exact drink you love to pair with our delicious Thai food. Stop by today, or order online for pickup!