Thai Food for Cooler Weather

Warm Your Soul

If you’re reading this, you might be thinking, “why would I want to warm up? It’s still basically summer in Hopatcong.” Excellent question! While some places to eat in Hopatcong are still cranking out summer staples, we’re slowly preparing for the cooler weather that’s sure to eventually show up here in New Jersey. This isn’t to say you won’t find any summer favorites on our menu, like our refreshingly flavorful Twist on Thai Salad with fresh veggies and ginger orange dressing or our Som Tum Goong Sod. But there are some flavors that pair better with colder weather, and we’d like to take a moment to recommend some of our favorite cold weather dishes.

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Tom Yum Soup

Nothing comes close to the brief respite from the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of comforting soup. While you won’t find chicken noodle in our restaurant, you won’t miss it when you’re enjoying our Tom Yum soup. This rich, flavorful soup is a delicious brew of sweet and sour herbal broth that’s full of plump bell peppers and mushrooms. Just the broth itself is enough for many of our customers to order a second round. For those especially cold days (or those especially hungry days), consider adding extra veggies, tofu, chicken, or shrimp to your Tom Yum for a hearty soup that will keep you warm and full.


Steamed Dumplings

There’s something satisfying about biting into a savory, steamed dumpling. The unmistakable flavors of slowly simmered ground pork that effortlessly blend with soft-yet-crunchy Napa cabbage and savory spices are enough to make you forget the cold that’s enveloped the season outside. And, what would steamed dumpling be without a perfectly prepared outer wonton, steamed to perfection? The soft, off-golden housing for these savory pockets of Thai flavor couldn’t be a better pairing for the rich tastes that lie in wait inside. After one bite, we’re convinced you may consider ordering a second helping in place of an entree. But, in case you still have room for an entree…


Duck Pad Thai

Thai chefs have a knack for creating flavorful duck creations. Our feathered friends have a wonderfully rich, satisfying flavor that other fowl have a difficult time matching. When we pair our delicately thin, tender slices of roast duck with bursts of bright vegetable and spice flavor, the combination is intoxicating. We start with stir-fried thin rice noodles that add a robust body to the entree, providing a delightful maze into which the flavors of the duck, vegetables, and broth seep. From there, we add a generous amount of shallot, turnip, scallion, and bean sprouts for an array of crunchy flavor. Finally, we top this rich, bone-warming dish with a scrambled egg, fried tofu, and crushed peanuts. The interaction between these ingredients creates an explosion of rich, lively flavor that will keep you warm and full for quite a while. If you’re ready to experience these cool weather favorites, come in and see us, or call ahead to place your reservation.