If you’re a Thai food fanatic, there may be nothing worse than your 5-year-old whining and crying for macaroni and cheese when you’re at your favorite local Thai restaurant. After all, you love the food and culture and you want your child to enjoy it as well. In today’s blog, we’re going to delve into how to raise an adventurous eater and help your child love Thai food as much as you do.

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Cook Thai food at home.

If your children see you preparing Thai food at home and are at their own dinner table, they’ll be more likely to eat it — especially if you let them help prepare it. Involve them in the process from the grocery store all the way to the dinner table and they’ll be more excited to try out Thai cuisine on their own taste buds. They’ve invested time and energy into it, and they’ll be more willing to try out the unfamiliar foods as a result.

Start with something simple.

Whether you’re at an Asian restaurant or gathered around your dining room table, don’t pressure your children into trying your favorite extreme Thai dish. You’ve honed your taste for Thai food over the years, but they’re just starting out. Avoid dishes that are spicy or have textures they may not be willing to embrace just yet.

Try simple Thai cuisine that you’re already sure they’ll love, and branch out from there. Fried rice, fruit smoothies, mango sticky rice, and plenty of other Thai dishes are all good options.

Don’t offer substitutes.

If they don’t know the coveted chicken nuggets or golden macaroni and cheese is an option, they’re far less likely to put up a fight about the food they’re eating. This can be scary at first, but your children will get used to it and you’ll develop a tougher skin. If they’re stubborn and you’re afraid they’ll end up going to bed hungry, perhaps offer a simple meal that you know they’ll eat, albeit unhappily.

Be patient.

Throughout the whole process, be patient with your children and with yourself. If they’re really not having it, try taking a bite first! Kids are much more willing to try something when they see you try it first.

You don’t have to demand they eat a whole serving right away. Whatever little amount they eat at first is fine. As you develop habits of eating Thai cuisine regularly in your home and at Thai restaurants and show love and patience, you’ll be able to share a cuisine and culture with your children that you truly love.

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