1. Thai Food for Cooler Weather

    Three Thai Dishes For Cooler Weather

    Warm Your Soul If you’re reading this, you might be thinking, “why would I want to warm up? It’s still basically summer in Hopatcong.” Excellent question! While some places to eat in Hopatcong are still cranking out summer staples, we’re slowly preparing for the cooler weather that’s sure to eventually show up here in New Jersey. This isn’t to say you won’t find any summer favorite…Read More

  2. Top Thai Dishes Picked by Customers

    Top Four Customer-Favorite Thai Entrees

    Thai One On We’re not talking about booze, here. When you step foot into our Thai restaurant, you and your nose (and soon your tastebuds) are sure to be tempted and tantalized by the smells being emitted from our creative kitchen. With seductive scents of slow-cooking meat that’s been marinated in rich sauces and fresh vegetables adding lively notes to each dish, you can rest assured that you…Read More

  3. Our New Thai Food Dishes

    Explore Our New Thai Dishes

    Summer Specialities Summer is a time for trying out new things. For many of us, this means taking a trip to a place we’ve never been, venturing to a new neighborhood or part of town, taking on a new hobby, or trying new foods that have never before come across our tables. If you’re part of the latter group, then you should absolutely check out our new summer specials. From fresh organic lemona…Read More

  4. The Best Beers To Go With Your Thai Takeout

    Pairing The Right Beer With Your Thai Food — Take Out Edition

    Breakout  Of Your Take Out Rut It’s date night, and it’s your turn to choose the food, drinks, and entertainment. You remember all of this around 3:30, when you get a text from your partner asking where you’ll be meeting. You know they’ll want Thai, so you respond, telling them to meet at Twist on Thai. But — plot twist — they want to stay in, and you wanted to go out. So you compromi…Read More

  5. Get To Know Our Authentic Thai Soups

    Know Your Thai Soups

    From the moment you set foot in our Thai restaurant, your nose will be accosted with pleasant and delectable smells of curries and soups. These aromatic dishes are some of the most delightful Thai food offerings. If you have been looking for places to eat in Hopatcong, we hope to see you soon at Twist On Thai Cafe. We are passionate about serving our guests premium quality, Thai dishes with a uniq…Read More

  6. The Colorful Curries on Our Thai Menu

    The Differences Between Our Colorful Curries

    Thai food is well known for its wide array of flavors, colors, and textures, as well as for its numerous healthy dishes. From a simple Tom Yum soup, to a complex Duck Pad Thai, the abundance of flavor and variations makes Thai food a never ending adventure. We love helping our customers navigate our menu and explore new foods. Today we want to focus on the colorful curries you will find on our Tha…Read More

  7. Find Healthy, Flavorful items on Our Thai Menu

    How To Eat Healthy At A Thai Restaurant

    With the start of a new year, many of us are trying to make healthy choices and start the new year off right. If one of your goals is to eat healthy in 2017, we have great news! You can learn how to eat healthy at a Thai restaurant and enjoy our delicious food while still sticking to your new health plan. Here at Twist On Thai Cafe, we are passionate about providing the best Thai food possible, wh…Read More

  8. Learn All About Our Authentic Thai Menu in Our Thai Food Blog

    Welcome to Our Thai Cuisine Blog

    Have you been searching for the perfect places to eat in Hopatcong? You have come to the right place! We are a local Thai restaurant serving delicious, healthy Thai cuisine. If you are looking for that perfect steaming bowl of green curry or a delectable dish of duck, check out our restaurant. We offer both a dine-in option and Thai takeaway. Whether you are well versed in Thai cuisine and know pr…Read More